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Our audit and assurance services include opinions on client’s financial statements as well as providing recommendations for improving internal controls and operating efficiency.  These are value added services to our clients that focus on improving their results of operations.  Our audit approach is tailored to the size and complexity of the organization and draws upon our extensive industry experience and knowledge.  Our services include:

•    Audits of Employee Benefit Plans
      -    Defined Benefit Plans (retirement, cash balance)
      -    Defined Contribution Plans [401(k), 403(b)]
      -    Health and Welfare Plans
      -    Preparation of Form 11K 
      -    Preparation of Form 5500 
•    Audits of Private Foundations
•    Single Audits in Accordance with OMB A-133
•    Financial Statement Audits of Not-For-Profit Organizations
•    Financial Statement Audits of Small and Mid-Sized Companies
•    Compliance Audits
•    Agreed Upon Procedures Engagements

At Morris Davis Chan & Tan LLP, we provide practical accounting and management advisory solutions to help our clients improve their operating infrastructure and achieve their financial objectives.  From accounting support to controllership functions to senior financial management level support, our experienced staff help our clients achieve maximum operating efficiency and profitability.  Our services include:

•    Accounting analysis and reconciliations
•    Accounting system design and installation
•    Accounting personnel support 
•    Accounting policies and procedures
•    Controllership functions
•    Cost certifications
•    Feasibility studies
•    Indirect cost analysis
•    Internal control reviews
•    Internal and IT audit support
•    Merger and acquisition accounting
•    Reconstruction of accounting records
•    Sarbanes-Oxley accounting support